Things to know when you first arrive in Thailand
This handbook has been specifically designed for international students who are new to Thailand and wish to learn essential information about the country, to help them settle in more smoothly. By going through this handbook, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of what to expect when living in Thailand and will be better equipped to navigate daily life in a foreign country.

A Comprehensive Guide to Education Visas in Thailand
The purpose of "A Comprehensive Guide to Education Visas in Thailand" is to offer a detailed overview of the visa process for international students who are studying at New Stamford School. By reading this guide, students will gain a thorough understanding of the visa requirements and regulations, as well as important information regarding visa rules, regulations, and restrictions.

Settling in Thailand
The purpose of "Settling in Thailand" is to provide international students with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect when living in a foreign country. Moving to a new country can be overwhelming and challenging, particularly when it comes to navigating daily life. So, students will be better equipped to navigate the challenges of living in a foreign country and make the most of their study abroad experience.

What to know before renting your accommodation in Thailand?
How to Apply for a Driver’s License in Chiang Mai
How to Get a Residence Certificate

How to Get a Residence Certificate

As an international student in Chiang Mai, Thailand, you may need to obtain a Residence Certificate for various official purposes. This official letter confirms your address and is required for tasks such as getting a driver’s license, buying a car and dealing with legal matters.

Here’s what you need to know to obtain a Residence Certificate in Chiang Mai.

To apply for a Residence Certificate, you need to prepare some essential documents beforehand. These include:

  • TM.18 Application Form: This form can be obtained at the Chiang Mai immigration office, or you can download it from “Exercise Files”.
  • An original passport: Make sure your passport is valid and not expired.
  • A copy of your passport page (personal information page)
  • A copy of the page containing the valid non-immigrant visa
  • A copy of your Receipt of Address Notification (TM.30): This is a document that you or your landlord have to submit to the immigration office within 24 hours of your arrival at your new address.
  • A copy of your lease/house book with your name and address
  • One passport-size photo (4×6 cm): The photo must have a white background


Chiang Mai Immigration has two offices, but for a Residence Certificate application, you will need to visit the office located near the airport. The address of the office is 71 Airport Road, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50200. You can use Google Maps to get directions to the office.

Submitting Your Application

Once you have all the necessary documents, you can visit the Chiang Mai Immigration office between 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. to submit your application. Be sure to arrive early, as the process can take a while due to the number of people who apply for Residence Certificates.

Normal and Express Service

The standard processing time for a Residence Certificate is approximately 20 days, and there is no fee for the service. However, if you require the certificate urgently, you can opt for the express service by paying a fee of 500 Baht, and you will receive your certificate within one day.

Obtaining a Residence Certificate is an essential process for international students in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Be sure to prepare all the required documents and visit the correct immigration office to avoid any delays. By obtaining a Residence Certificate, you will be able to complete various official procedures with ease and have peace of mind.

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