Accredited Language Education in Chiang Mai: New Stamford School’s Commitment to Excellence

Achieving Excellence through Accreditation at New Stamford School

At New Stamford School, excellence in language education is not just our goal; it’s our standard. Accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education and recognized by the Office of Private Education Commission (OPEC), we set the bar for language learning in Chiang Mai.

Recognised by the Thai Ministry of Education

Since 2015, New Stamford School has proudly met the stringent requirements for language education set by the Thai Ministry of Education. Our license, a testament to our commitment, ensures our programs align with Thailand’s educational standards and international benchmarks.

Link to OPEC Accreditation: Visit our school’s accreditation page on the OPEC website for more details.

New Stamford School proudly displays our accreditation from the Thai Ministry of Education, ensuring our commitment to providing high-quality language education that meets international standards.

Facilitating Education Visas for International Students

Our accreditation allows us to offer education visas, enabling students from around the globe to immerse themselves in language studies at New Stamford School. Our experienced staff guide students through the visa application process, ensuring a seamless transition to learning in Chiang Mai.

Adhering to Quality and Compliance Standards

Our close collaboration with the Chiang Mai Provincial Education Office and immigration authorities underscores our dedication to maintaining high standards and compliance with regulations, ensuring a secure and focused learning environment for all students.

Compliance with Regulations

We work closely with Chiang Mai immigration to ensure that we comply with the latest requirements for our international students. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our students, and we take all necessary measures to ensure that they can focus on their language studies without any distractions.

Choose Accredited Excellence

By enrolling at New Stamford School, students are assured of receiving top-tier language education that meets and exceeds global standards. Our accreditation is more than a credential; it’s your guarantee of quality and excellence in language learning.