The Ultimate Guide to Education Visas in Chiang Mai: A Comprehensive Overview

The Ultimate Guide to Education Visas in Chiang Mai: A Comprehensive Overview

Guide to Obtaining a Thai Education Visa for Language Learners

The Ultimate Guide to Education Visas in Chiang Mai: A Comprehensive Overview

Chiang Mai, a city celebrated for its tranquil landscapes and rich cultural heritage, stands as an eminent destination for international students keen on immersing themselves in Thai language and culture. This guide delves into the Education Visa (ED Visa) process in Chiang Mai, elucidating its significance, the application steps, and how New Stamford School, a distinguished language institution, simplifies this journey for our students.

Understanding the Education Visa

The Education Visa (ED Visa) is specifically tailored for students looking to engage in educational courses in Thailand. While this visa encompasses a variety of academic pursuits, it is primarily sought after by those aiming to gain proficiency in the Thai language.

 Key Highlights:

  • Purpose: To enable international students to pursue educational courses in Thailand.
  • Common Courses: Thai Language stands out as the most popular course among students.


The Path to Acquiring an ED Visa in Chiang Mai

The acquisition of an ED Visa is a methodical process, commencing with your existing visa status and culminating in an extended educational stay in Chiang Mai. Here is a breakdown:

Application Options:

  • Apply directly at Chiang Mai immigration (if specific requirements are met).
  • Apply at a nearby Thai consulate (e.g., Laos, Vientiane) for a Non-Immigrant ED visa.
  • Apply in your home country prior to your arrival in Thailand.

Upon fulfilling any of these steps, a single-entry Non-Immigrant ED visa valid for 90 days is issued.

Visa Extension Process:

Extending your visa in Chiang Mai is a sequential process that requires:

  • First Extension: Apply for another 90-day extension as your visa nears expiration.
  • Subsequent Extensions: Two additional 90-day extensions are necessary to complete the one-year visa requirement.

Important Note: Each extension requires a visit to the Chiang Mai Immigration Office.

How New Stamford School Facilitates Your ED Visa Journey in Chiang Mai

At New Stamford School, we pride ourselves on being a premier language school in Chiang Mai, offering comprehensive assistance in the ED Visa application process. Our services include:

  • Educational Programs: Offering a wide range of courses, with a focus on Thai language learning.
  • Visa Application Support: We assist with the visa application process, ensuring that students meet all the necessary requirements.

Interested in an ED Visa?

For personalized assistance and to explore the best options for an Education Visa in Chiang Mai, feel free to contact New Stamford School directly.

Chiang Mai: A Hub of International Schools

Besides language education, Chiang Mai is home to an array of international schools known for their high-quality education and diverse curricula. These schools cater to families who value educational excellence, offering programs from early years to secondary education.

Highlighted Schools:

  • Ambassador Bilingual School (ABS): Provides a well-rounded education in both English and Thai.
  • American Chinese International School (ACIS): Combines American project-based learning with Chinese language instruction.
  • American Pacific International School (APIS): Offers international standard education with both boarding and day school options.
  • Chiang Mai International School (CMIS): Delivers an American-sourced curriculum from pre-school to high school.
  • Grace International School: Focuses on a traditional Christian education, integrating biblical truths into all subjects.


Obtaining an Education Visa in Chiang Mai opens the door to a world of educational opportunities in Thailand. At New Stamford School, we ensure that your path to this visa is clear, comprehensive, and free of obstacles. Whether you’re embarking on this educational adventure alone or with your family, our commitment to excellence and personalized service is here to support you every step of the way.

To start your educational journey in Chiang Mai with an ED Visa, contact New Stamford School. Your gateway to cultural immersion and academic growth in Thailand begins with us.

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